Enjoy This Supercut of Chill Leo Being Incredibly Unresponsive During Last Night's Oscars

Leonardo DiCaprio definitely vaped after his Oscar win Sunday night, but for those watching at home, it seemed highly probable that he’d also vaped beforehand: the dude was so mellow it was almost like he was back on the bow of the Titanic with the wind in his hair. So here’s Leo, just soaking it all in. Feels good to…

Metallic Gowns, Tons of Black and Icy Stares at Vanity Fair's Annual Oscars Afterparty

The fashion at Sunday night’s Academy Awards, the most relevant of all the irrelevant awards shows, was as tasteful and blandly elegant as expected. Charlize Theron looked gorgeous in red, Kerry Washington dared to be different in leather, and Best Supporting Actress winner Alicia Vikander killed it as the Oscars…

Hollywood's Best Discuss How to Survive in the Industry Without Being Straight, White and Male

As the Oscars approach, a number of actors, directors, screenwriters, producers and cinematographers who aren’t straight white men spoke to the New York Times about their professional experiences, giving us a clearer picture of the iceberg of Hollywood racism and sexism, of which we only see a fraction onscreen.