Auschwitz Criticizes Louisiana Congressman For Making a Video Inside a Gas Chamber: 'It's Not a Stage' 

A Louisiana Congressman is being roundly criticized by the Auschwitz Memorial for shooting his own little Ken Burns-meets-campaign-ad video inside one of the gas chambers there. Congressman Clay Higgins, who recently wrote that ‚Äúall of Christendom... is at war with Islamic horror,‚ÄĚ managed to turn his visit to the‚Ķ

Bobby Jindal Cut Planned Parenthood Funding, Blames Them for Teen Pregnancy and STIs

In a radio interview Wednesday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal blamed the state‚Äôs high rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections on Planned Parenthood, saying they‚Äôre evidence that PP is ‚Äúawful at what they do.‚ÄĚ Under Jindal, Louisiana cut millions from the family planning budget. Jindal also signed‚Ķ