Dec 11 2007

Remember when we got all excited because the media was actually reporting on the abduction of a woman of color? Well looks like we were prematurely pleased: the abducted woman in question, pregnant attorney Karyn McConnell Hancock (pictured), apparently faked the whole thing. When the police found no evidence to

Dec 10 2007

Finally a kidnapping story that ends in a homecoming. 6 months preggers Toledo attorney Karyn McConnell Hancock is home safe and sound after being kidnapped last week. Her husband speculates that Hancock was kidnapped because a case her father, Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell, tried had angered the

Dec 7 2007

Ugh. A pregnant Toledo attorney, Karyn McConnell-Hancock, has been reported missing, according to ABC News. Ms. McConnell-Hancock husband told the police that McConnell-Hancock "has a client who has recently been aggressive toward her." Mixed emotions here: terribly sad that this woman is missing; happy that a