Mar 12 2008

Short men get jealous. Or so says a study out of the Universities of Groningen and Valencia, which also alleges that men feel threatened by other men whom they perceive as being "attractive, rich, and strong," whereas women are threatened by other women they believe have more beauty and "charm." []

Mar 6 2008

Want your daughter to do better in school? Tell her to work out! The CDC reports that attendance in phys. ed. classes might be related to higher academic achievement for elementary-age school girls. (Oddly, no such correlation was found for boys.) But not all girls are lucky enough to even get the chance to take P.E.

Feb 27 2008
Gender Trouble

Do you use the increasingly omnipresent "he or she" in lieu of the more common (more traditional? more misogynist?

Feb 5 2008

Researchers following a group of 40 to 60-year olds in Helsinki, Finland, report that women take almost 50% more short-term sick leave than men, probably because women are often better at recognizing symptoms, self-diagnosing, and taking the initiative to see a doctor if they think they are falling ill. And speaking