1:45 PM

A reader has alerted us about the current effort on the part of the Wyoming State Library to "increase understanding, use and support of Wyoming libraries": Bumper stickers with mudflap ladies as library-goers! (The bumper sticker reads "We're Shifting Gears!"). Says the Wyoming Libraries website: "That 'WOW!' factor

11:45 AM

Some uptight woman in Maine, after checking out a bunch of educational children's books on sex and reproduction from her public library, is now refusing to return them, saying that they're pornographic. Wonder if she knows about Judy Blume's Forever? [BreitBart]

5:15 PM

Has your marriage lost its spark? You're in luck, because Yahoo News is reporting that a new book, Lube Jobs: A Woman's Guide to Great Maintenance Sex is a how-to manual instructing couples how to jump-start their sex lives. "Most women don't appreciate how important sex is to men," says one of the authors (the other