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Mar 26 2008

Warning: if you're a hairdresser (particularly a male hair dresser), working with hair dyes will increase your risk of developing bladder cancer. And those who use hair dye may be at risk for bladder cancer, too, as well as lymphoma and leukemia. (Also, the darker the dye, the riskier it is.) Which means that the

Nov 16 2007

After Allure magazine ran that story in its October issue on the new hair-straightening technique out of Brazil that uses crazy, dangerous amounts of formaldehyde, there was a spike in women wanting the service. Says Allure editor-in-chief Linda Wells: "It's so illogical that people would willfully pursue something Read more

Oct 8 2007

We love Nars make-up. Belle Du Jour? Best nude lipstick ever. Also, the eyeliners can't be beat. But we knew nothing of the man behind the makeup, Francois Nars. Until today! Interviewed by The Telegraph, Francois confesses: "I'm not an easily depressed person." "I hate the vulgarity of today." "I wanted to make women

Sep 21 2007

The latest (unnecessary) cosmetic surgery procedure that is sure to take the Western world by storm? Getting your hands de-veined. Right now, the "experimental" treatment is only being done in England. (Whaddya wanna bet that Madonna already made her appointment?) Shrimp should be de-veined. Not hands. And also Read more