Hello, Twitter! Meet Old El Paso, purveyors of fine taco shells and now the proud creators of #cheeseblasted, a hashtag that you can almost taste. Why? Well, because Old El Paso had the bright idea of awarding unsuspecting users with photos of themselves getting blasted with a hot cheese dust facial. Fun! I can literally feel the cheese dust everywhere.

While most users are pleased with the results (who doesn't like a huge company reaching out?) some are confused, including a writer for Wired who retweeted her cheese covered photo with the query "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" Why, indeed! The company's reply, of course, would be "why not?" It's time to stop being serious and start getting excited about cheese. Cheese everywhere. Cheese dust in the crevices of your body you never knew existed. Cheese tacos for dinner. Taco Tuesday. This campaign is just so fucking intense that it's hyping me up to levels that no other taco ad ever has.

You can wait for Old El Paso to blast you with cheese dust (people are begging), or you can hop on over to their site, where they'll allow you to plaster your own picture, or the photo of someone you love with the leftover powder that accumulates at the bottom of a Cheetos bag. Do it to someone you love today!

Also: What is DLT? Can someone explain?


My editor insisted that if I were to write this post I would have to include a photo of myself to be blasted, so in the hopes that the fine folks at Old El Paso (whose taco shells I will never buy because I do not make tacos at home because I am not that kind of person) have nothing better to do than trawl websites for mention of their name, I offer them a challenge: Take this photo of me wearing a tiny cowboy hat and morosely drinking an orange soda and turn me into the dusty cheese face of the future. Come on, I'm ready.