Sympathy For The Modern Man? Uh, No.

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Stickers seen on the streets of New York and the ABC show Big Shots make the same assertion: Men are the new women. And a new survey says men sorta agree! According to Telegraph, "more than half of men believe the world is dominated by females and that they have lost their traditional role in society." This is not a joke! Two thousand men and women were polled by some random television entertainment channel, and 52% of the males said that men have to live by women's rules. More than half of the men polled said they think "society tries to feminize them" and only 33% feel that they can speak freely and say what they think — the rest find it "safer and easier" to keep their opinions to themselves.


Who are these poor, downtrodden dudes? Because as far as we know, most prime ministers and presidents of countries are men; women helm only 10 of the global Fortune 500 companies; women earn less money than men, starting right out of college (and then take longer to pay down their debt); and women are ten times more likely than men to be victimized by someone they know intimately. So here's a message for the guys who think the world is dominated by chicks: Maybe that's just the way it is in your house. In which case, you should buy your wife some flowers; being the boss is a tough job.
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