Sydney Santas have been barred from chanting the customary "Ho, ho, ho" this Christmas, as the Santa recruitment firm Westaff has deemed the phrase frightening to children and possibly "derogatory towards women". The Aussie trainees have been told to replace "Ho, ho, ho," with "Ha, ha, ha." Mall Santas are up in arms about the censoring. Two potential Santas even quit the training course because they felt so oppressed. Sydney mom Maybel Lopez told the Daily Telegraph, "It's what Santa has been saying his whole life - my whole life. It is just a normal thing really for him to say 'ho, ho, ho'." Wonder what David Sedaris thinks of this? []

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It is totally insane, and it is stupid, but the thing that confuses me most is that it happened in Australia first, and not America, the Holy Land of Stupid Political Correctness. And just in case you were wondering, it seems like about 5 people in all of Australia think this is a good idea; there has actually been national uproar about this. I'm pretty sure kids are dying somewhere from malnutrition, but...whatever.