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Hold on to your butts! Gus Kenworthy, the Olympic silver medalist whose name is written all over our trapper keepers, has finally reunited Stateside with the litter of stray puppies he's been working to rescue since the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia this past February. No surprises here — everyone (man and beast) are being pretty freaking adorable about it.


Reunited with dogs on The Today Show, Kenworthy and his friend Robin Macdonald spoke of the troubles they faced while getting the dogs out of Russia (two puppies sadly passed away while in containment) and their relief that they've finally managed to get some of them to the States where they plan on adopting them out to loving homes.

"It's just incredible. It feels so nice to have them home," Kenworthy told the Today hosts. "These dogs, they've traveled thousands of miles and it's been many, many weeks of this whole process kind of coming to an end and just really can't thank Robin and the Humane Society International enough for making it happen."

Sigh. Kenworthy's come out of this whole thing looking like the popular dude at your high school who ends up being super nice to you when you get paired together in bio lab (he even says hi to you in the hallway!) — if that dude also rescued puppies.


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