I can't help feeling that when your premiere wattage is Gary Busey and Dane Cook, a film's not in good shape, and so it was last night for the Hollywood premiere of the blatant Kevin Costner-Kelsey Grammer cash-in Swing Vote, I felt so bad for them all, in fact, that rather than sending Paula Abdul and Mary Hart and various children to "the Bad" I installed a kinder, gentler "Pros and Cons" system for the day, so that everyone wins. And loses, of course - after the jump!

Chloe Moretz. Pros: classic LBD, Cons: None! Well played, my child.

Paula Abdul. Pros: color's not bad. Cons: twenty ugly and mysterious things happening on bodice.


Kate Clarke. Pros: cream/Vee are nice on her. Cons: belt, purse, cleavage ratio!


Madeline Carroll. Pros: A Child. Con: The combat boots/dress thing was DOA before she was born.

Victoria Duffy. Pros: Patriotic. Cons: weirdly matchy.


Paula Patton. Pros: Tangerine suits her. Cons: to quote Nina Garcia, "shiny, tight and short is the fastest way to look cheap."

Mary Hart. Pros: lavender? Cons: woefully frumy. Also, lavender.

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