Olympic swimming hopeful Matt Grevers has won a gold medal in the hearts of romantics everywhere with a medal stand proposal that almost wasn't this weekend.

The 26-year-old Grevers and his girlfriend, fellow Olympic swimming hopeful Annie Chandler, were both competing at the Missouri Grand Prix this weekend. Grevers had planned on proposing to his ladylove of four years after she medaled in her race on Friday, but Chandler finished fifth. By Saturday, Grevers had decided he couldn't wait any longer.

He slipped the ring to his older brother, an assistant swimming and diving coach at the University of Missouri, so it would be waiting for him after his race. Grevers won, and when Chandler joined him at the top of the medal stand for what she thought was a photo opportunity, he dropped down to one knee and presented her with an engagement ring. Cue the adorable tears and hugging and general feelings of warm fuzziness.

Could anyone say no to a question asked by someone in possession of such formidable lats?


This is how the movie The Cutting Edge 5: Different Strokes would end. It would be exactly like The Cutting Edge and The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold and The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream and The Cutting Edge 4: Fire & Ice but with swimming instead of skating.

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