Swimmer Loses Her Leg, Goes On To Compete in the Olympics

South African swimmer Natalie du Toit didn't win a medal in Beijing, but she is still one of the most inspiring Olympians of this year's Games. Du Toit, 24, lost her left leg in a motorcycle accident in 2001, a year after she failed to qualify for the Sydney Games. Three months after her leg was amputated at the knee she was back in the water, and went on to win five gold medals in the 2004 Paralympic Games. After narrowly failing to qualify for the 2004 games, this year Natalie became the first female amputee to compete in the Olympics. She swam in the 10km race yesterday, finishing 16th out of 25, as seen in the clip above from The Today Show.

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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

@Jill7: She doesn't wear her prosthetic during swimming. In fact, while everyone else was lined up, ready to dive off of the dock, she was sitting.

My favorite piece of info, that makes her just about beyond bad-fucking-ASS, is that not only was she 16th, but after over TWO hours in the water, she was only a minute + behind the lead.