Sweden's Twitter Account Now Controlled by Lesbian Truck Driver

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The country of Sweden is known for lutfisk, stoic, tall Nordicolk who would make perfect Die Hard villains, furniture, and getting the fuck along. Now, the country's got a new face: and she's a lesbian who drives a truck for a living.

The New York Times reports that Hanna Farge— who refers to herself as "just your average lesbian truck-driver" in the account's bio— has been selected to run the country's Twitter account this week, as part of a campaign called Curators of Sweden that was up by the Swedish tourism bureau. The effort aims to create what they claim is the world's most democratic Twitter account, and, in showing the world the voice of individual Swedes, convince everyone to go on vacation or start their businesses in Sweden. The tourism bureau explains,

The idea is that the curators, through their tweets, create interest and arouse curiosity for Sweden and the wide range the country has to offer. The expectation is that the curators will paint a picture of Sweden, different to that usually obtained through traditional media.


What Swede would you like to see running the country's Twitter account next week? I'm torn between Robyn, that creepy woman from The Knife, Muppet Chef, and Zombie Alfred Nobel. But I'm open to suggestions.

In Sweden, Twitter is Democratic, File Sharing a Religion [NYT]

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Karin. It has to be Karin. With any luck she'll wear a swedish chef mask during a promotional shot of her twitter dominion.

So, uh. P.S. The woman from the Knife is totally Karin, not Robyn.