Swan Brooner: Child Beauty Queen, Not-So-Merry "Holiday Barbie"

The Christmas season is supposed to be a happy time for kids who are looking forward to an orgy of toys, sweets, and time off from school. But for some kids, there are much more important matters at hand this time of year; ones that carry grave consequences — like fucking up your modeling in the Christmaswear competition in the America's Most Gorgeous Girls Mini-national Pageant after your mother worked 'round the clock for weeks on your costume, left her 2-year-old baby, teenage daughter and juvenile delinquent son in the care of her creepy older boyfriend, and invested thousands of dollars the family doesn't have to make her dream come true for you. Such is the case in this clip with 5-year-old Swan Brooner, as depicted in the 2001 documentary Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen.

Not long after the documentary aired on HBO, Swan's mother Robin Browne died of a heart attack. Swan stopped doing pageants, and she and her little brother moved to Alaska to be with her dad. Then last year, he died, leaving 13-year-old Swan and her brother Devon orphaned. According to the Living Dolls Wikipedia page, Swan now lives with her older sister Silva.

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Um, this is really depressing. Can't we look at baby animals all day?