Suzanne Somers Is First Patient to Undergo New Experimental Breast Reconstruction

Never one to forego a chance to hawk a product, Suzanne Somers' stopped by today's Good Morning America to discuss a new stem cell treatment called cell-assisted lipotransfer that allows patients to regrow breast tissue. A breast cancer survivor herself, Somers is the first woman to undergo the experimental treatment that could mean great strides for those who want to reconstruct their breasts without undergoing plastic surgery. The treatment, however, has yet to be approved by the FDA and has some experts fearing that the injected stem cells could eventually turn cancerous.


Somers' willingness to undergo an experimental treatment that could ultimately benefit a large sum of women is certainly commendable, although the GMA segment ultimately cheapens her bravery by going into the actress' open obsession with finding remedies for staying youthful. Somers takes 80-90 supplements as well as a dose of human growth hormone per day. Couple this with her propensity for schilling products and it's easy to take her confidence regarding cell-assisted lipotransfer with a grain of salt. If, however, the treatment ends up being successful and the health risks are proved false, this will be an exciting (and futuristic) option for those seeking breast reconstruction without wanting to receive implants.



The treatment hasn't been approved by the FDA but she did it anyway? What a crazy misunderstanding! I need to go down to the Regal Beagle, have a drink with Larry, and sort these hijinks out.