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Powersuits, nail guns, rubber gloves, blood? Four words: American Psycho: The Musical! An adaptation of the novel-turned-movie with '80s-tinged music is in development, reports Variety. The Wall Street serial killer story is headed to Broadway. Yeah, yeah, we know: You want to see Christian Bale naked. The pic at left is the best we could do. [Variety]


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My prayer to the Jezebel goddesses (Give us this day our daily Bale...) has been answered, and for that I thank you.

HOWEVER, has anyone read this book? It's profoundly graphic and poignant and rails against shit like, oh crappy Broadway musicals that glamorize a terrible way of life (*cough cough Les Mis cough cough*). Making a show of this pretty much castrates Ellis' vision. Way to sell out, sir...