Suspicious Drowning Of Drew Peterson's Third Wife Ruled A Homicide

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Drew Peterson, the despicable police officer and husband of still missing (and probably dead) fourth wife Stacy Peterson, might not be free much longer. The death of Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, has been ruled a homicide. After Stacy (pictured here with her son and her younger sister) mysteriously disappeared without a trace in late October, Kathleen's body was exhumed. And, although the original autopsy performed on her back in March 2004 declared Kathleen's death an accident, upon further investigation, forensic analysts now believe foul play was involved. (Kathleen drowned in a bathtub).


In other depressing news this morning about murder committed within marriage — remember, as many as 25% of American women are victims of domestic abuse — Wisconsin resident Mark Jensen was convicted yesterday of dosing his wife, Julie Jensen, with antifreeze. (These stories are beginning to sound The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Spouse Edition: "K is for Kathleen who drowned in a tub/ J is for Julie, poisoned with love.") And another Midwestern husband murderer, Stephen Grant, was sentenced to 50-80 years in prison yesterday for killing his wife. Early last year, Grant beat his wife Tara to death and then cut her body into 14 pieces in his father's tool-and-die shop. According to UPI, Stephen and Tara's 7-year-old daughter recently drew a picture of her mother's funeral. "[The first picture] showed her father under a rock while [a second picture] said, 'My dad thinks he has power.'" The Grants' two children saw their mother being murdered. They are now in the custody of their mother's sister.

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I've heard of this really great way to get rid of the wife you no longer want...its called DIVORCE. And the best part, it's legal and doesn't involve anyone being cut into pieces!

someone should really clue these guys into murder-alternatives.