According to court documents, alleged Florida cat-killer, teen Tyler Weinman, offered to tell police "about one or two cats" if they were willing to make "the rest go away."

Detectives were not recording the interview, but transcripts show that Weinman said to police: "OK, so let me see if I understand. As long as I can tell you about the cats that I did, you can get rid of the others?" Police later arrested the 18-year-old on charges of mutilating and killing more than 19 cats around Miami-Dade county. The remains of over 30 animals were found in the area, and so far no one else has been charged.


Weinman is facing 19 counts of animal cruelty and improperly disposing of an animal body, along with four counts of burglary. After the first interview, during which he made the incriminating offer to tell "about the cats [he] did," Weinman was not interviewed again until June 14th, when the warrant was issued for his arrest. Police asked Weinman what he thinks should happen to the killer, to which he replied: "I don't really like jail, though when it comes to violent things, I think they should..." He did not finish the sentence.

Weinman's lawyer, David Macey, claims that the police documents are "either misleading and or false." He continued: "The real statement will never be heard because the investigation—with its unlimited resources—failed to find a tape recorder. They did not want to record the truth, that Tyler Weinman is innocent."

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