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Suspect In Istanbul Nightclub Shooting Confesses

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

Early in the morning on New Year’s Day, 39 people were killed by a gunman in an Istanbul nightclub called Reina. ISIS soon took credit for the attack, and now the man who allegedly wielded the weapons has been apprehended, and has reportedly confessed.


The New York Times reports that Uzbek citizen Abdulgadir Masharipov was taken into custody on Monday, and confessed Tuesday, according to Turkish officials. Istanbul’s governor, Vasip Sahin, said that others aided Masharipov in the attack, and an area in the Esenyurt district was raided, leading to both the main suspect’s arrest as well as an Iraqi man and three women, who all supposedly hail from countries in Africa. His confession came shortly after:

“He admitted his crime,” Mr. Sahin said, adding that the suspect had been trained in Afghanistan and speaks four languages. “His fingerprints matched,” the governor said, although he did not elaborate.

Mr. Sahin said the interrogation, which he described as “very new,” was continuing but that more would be learned about who had helped Mr. Masharipov and how.


Sahin said there was a team of 2,000 officers and special forces sent to find Masharipov, in an investigation that eventually focused on five different addresses after raiding 152 and detaining 50 other people. Masharipov has been in Turkey since January 2016, after entering illegally along the eastern border. He went by the alias Abu Mohammed Khorasani Abdulqavi. When police raided the apartment he was staying in, they confiscated $197,000, a pistol, ammunition, and an air gun.

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Sad how criminals pretend to be Muslim just to get more media attention for their attacks.