Susan Sarandon on Supporting Bernie Sanders: There's Been 'So Much Shaming'

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“If you’re a woman, everyone dumps on you like, ‘How can you be a feminist?’ So you don’t want to have that conversation,” Susan Sarandon told The View of being a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter, as she held a tiny dog in her lap.


“There have been so many statements and so much shaming,” she said.

Sarandon came under fire recently for suggesting that she would rather vote for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, and her Twitter mentions are currently brimming with insults from Debra Messing following Sarandon’s recent statement that Hillary Clinton is “the best Republican that’s out there.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Sarandon said, “the idea of a woman president I know will happen, and I hope someday it can be the daughter of someone who’s not rich, who’s not married to someone who was a president, that that can happen in this country.”

“Do you feel like there’s in-the-closet Bernie lovers? Like, people who love Bernie but won’t say anything?” Raven Symone asked. Um?

“Absolutely,” Sarandon answered.

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Violet Baudelaire

It’s not her support of Bernie Sanders that makes me question her feminism, but the fact that she chooses to define Clinton by her relationship to her father and her husband, rather than any actual merits or her own accomplishments.