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Susan Casey Is Not Chick Lit

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Could someone give us a career (and a set of cojones) like writer Susan Casey so we can quit this dadblamed shitshow and hang out in farflung locales with hot guys? Casey, we hear, has just signed a $1 million deal to write a book with surfer (and husband of Gabrielle Reece) Laird Hamilton about "the science of giant waves and the surfers who try to ride them."


Casey is a modern adventuress in the form of a journalist; a woman who, as some will remember, is a former editor of Sports Illustrated For Women and Outsideand the author of the bestselling The Devil's Teeth, for which she shadowed two biologists studying ferocious great white sharks living off the coast of northern California. And though we're in awe of the reported $1 million payday she's getting, we're more obsessed with what Casey gets to do for this book, i.e. spend a few sun-soaked seasons in tropical locales with some of the most hardcore dudes — these boys are the original Jackasses — in the world. And lest you think that supremely-muscled surfer dudes are the only focus of Casey's book, rest assured that she'll also be reporting on how climate change has affected the intensity of the ocean's movement. Boring stuff for some, but when female writers are increasingly finding themselves herded into the "suitors and shopping" genre of book publishing, it's reason to cheer.

Author An Surfer To Share In Proceeds Of Waves Book
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