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Susan Carpenter, the "Throttle Jockey" at the LA Times, finds that riding motorcycles is a great way to get attention from guys, but up to a point. She says that when a woman rides a large bike (above 1,600 cc) men no longer perceive the female rider as being "sexy". While testing a Suzuki C109R (which weighs 787 pounds and 1,783 cc) Carpenter says she felt "over the top and masculine" and experienced less eye-contact from men on the road, supposedly because they thought she was "batting for the home team" because of her big bike. However, Carpenter enjoyed the larger motorcycle, saying it was "by far" better than a sex-change operation. [LA Times]


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@msAnthrope: True... there is the "big cruiser" affect. Since I started riding (about 5 years ago), I've noticed that there are Harley riders and there are Motorcycle riders. I can't really explain why, but it seems to be that way.

Wave at another motorcycle rider and you'll probably get a wave back. Wave at another Harley rider (when not on a Harley) and they'll just look at you. Wave at a Harley rider when you are on a Harley and you'll get a wave back (I know because I rented a Harley once to see what it was like). Oddly, you'll also get waves back from normal motorcycle riders if you wave at them from a Harley. So I guess it's a Harley rider thing where they don't think you are good enough unless you ride their brand of bike. LOL