According to a new survey, more than half of Americans think their bosses are liars, and more than a quarter would fire them if they could.

Reuters says the survey, conducted by at Zürich-based human resources company, found that 53% of Americans think their bosses are dishonest. Specifically, 28% think their superiors are lying about their job security. A majority also think their bosses are unfair and disloyal. Oddly, two thirds of Americans would not change anything about their relationship with their boss, implying that we're all just used to a Kafkaesque work environment of backstabbing and deceit.

Possibly lending credence to the idea that bosses suck is another survey, showing that 22% of female executives have withheld a promotion or raise because of the way an employee dressed. In the same survey, 98% of women said their appearance affects their career, and 55% said they frequently felt like they had nothing to wear.

My current work uniform includes: sweatpants, a Snuggie (oh yeah), socks (it's cold in here), and a t-shirt with a picture of a dirt bike and the phrase "Personal Watercraft: Spend money in a royal style" (it was a gift). So I guess I'm in the lucky 2% of women for whom appearance doesn't matter. Then again, Anna H. probably just made these surveys up. What is "Reuters" anyway?

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