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No wonder studies show that when women cohabitate with men it makes them pack on the pounds: a new survey of 14,000 Americans shows that men are more likely to eat meat and frozen pizza but women pad their diets with more fruits and vegetables. While those results were predictable, the telephone survey, conducted by multiple state and federal heath officials, reports that some of the more unsavory veggies, like asparagus and Brussels sprouts, are more popular amongst men, while ladies like yogurt and eggs. It's riveting information! Another study out recently says that adolescent males are more prone to eating fast food than young women.


A study done at the University of Minnesota showed that one in five young women say they eat fast food more than three times a week, while 33% of dudes head out for Mickey D's more than three times a week. It makes me wonder, though, just how accurate these surveys are because they're self-reported by the eaters themselves. I've certainly lied before about what I'm eating to make it sound healthier. Are the men in your life really chowing down on Doritos more than you, or are you an equal opportunity junk food offender?

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