Survey Says Living In Sin Is The New Marriage

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The annual British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey has just been released, and it suggests that residents of the U.K. are much more welcoming of alternative familial arrangements than ever been before. According to the Telegraph, two-thirds of people think that cohabitation is "virtually indistinguishable" from marriage and only a quarter of respondents think that married couples make better parents than unmarried ones. In addition, although 70% of those polled think there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage, (up from a mere 48% in 1984.), the only area in which old-fashioned values still reign supreme is in the division of household labor. (Only 23% of couples divide household responsibilities evenly.)


As for those who've decided to take the plunge officially, another new study shows that married couples who suppress their anger towards one another are more likely to die. The research, done at the University of Michigan, says that 27% of couples who both suppressed their anger had one member die during the study and 23% of the couples died off in pairs.

The take-away? That couples don't even have to be married to make each other miserable for the rest of their days, and that laundry, dishwashing and domestic duties in general can not only extinguish the flame of passion but literally kill a couple. A suggestion for the Brits: why don't you take that extra £17,370 (the average cost of a UK nuptial these days) and blow it all on housekeepers?

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@hortense: It's like a reflex. The same way babies instinctively know how to swim at birth

@zombie.sweetheart: I'd imagine that could go the other way though, no? I feel like some people, stupid people, would be like "Well, it's not like you were MARRIED or anything" when, actually, that's exactly what it was like.

@hortense: I've taken pause with the straight marriage meaning nothing until gays can do it argument myself, but, in the end, call shenanigans. Because the marriage we're talking about in this case is a piece of paper and legal protections and a marriage ceremony is an expression of that. They're fighting for that. But there will be some people who never recognize certain kinds of marriage: gay marriage, interfaith, interracial, and I can't live my life by their standards, and gage what is important to me by their rules. They don't get to own marriage.