Survey: Over 30% Of Moms Are Getting Some On The Side

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Most modern wives and mothers would fail this 1939 Marital rating scale that you guys can't stop sending us. The scale is broken into "merits" and "demerits"; the former include playing an instrument, putting the children to bed personally, and being religious, while the demerits involve wearing red nail polish, applying face cream "over-liberally", and flirting with other men in restaurants. According to a new survey from AOL and Cookie many of today's moms are doing a lot more than flirting with other men. In fact, 36% of women who took the survey say they've had an affair since becoming mothers. And although those affairs may be retaliatory — 46% of women suspect their husbands are screwing around — the survey isn't entirely bleak.


76% of American moms are still having sex 2-5 times a week, even with their babies bawling in the background. In addition, only 24% of women fantasize about fucking the delivery man. Slate's XX factor wonders if Cookie's upscale demographic is skewing the statistics towards cheating. Hanna Rosin describes the Marc Jacobs-obsessed six year olds featured in Cookie and posits, "A mom who sends her 6-year-old to school looking like an expensive hooker could certainly not be expected to put up with a little middle-aged husband paunch or to resist the come-on from the hot new Israeli gym teacher." Hahaha, what would the 1939 Marital Rating scale have to say about that?

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@misssgolightly: She awoke the next morning, having realized her sins, and received a negative 20 on the Marital Rating Scale.

Resigning herself to her fate, and with a newfound freedom in knowing that she could be no worse of a wife, the floozie threw on a worn, ragged dress and stockings with crooked seams and came down to eat breakfast. She sent her husband off to work, and when the milkman came, the dirty whore flirted with him surreptitiously, flashing her scarlet talons.