Surprise! Non-Macho Dudes Have No Problem with Women Out-Earning Them

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As it just so happens, men who don't define their masculinity by how many dragons they've strangled to death, how many cans of pizza-flavored spray cheese they can suck down in five minutes, or how few tears they shed during the scene in Big Fish when Ewan McGregor plants his ladyfriend a quadrangle's worth of daffodils, are more likely to be cool with women out-earning them.

A new study published in the online journal Sex Roles found that men who defined their masculinity in a more traditional way, i.e. suppressing tears at all cost, were more likely to fret about being out-earned by a girlfriend or spouse, which in turn led them to have more strained relationships. Guys who didn't hold traditional views of masculinity gave a big shoulder-shrug to news that their lady partners made more money than they did, probably because relationships are canoes and everyone has to paddle, or some such nautical metaphor. The study surveyed 47 men in relationships with higher-earning women, asking them about the importance of the earnings gap in their relationship and about how it felt to have to ask their partners for some petty cash whenever they wanted to go to arcade with the other fellas. Not only were those non-macho guys more likely to be totally fine about making less than their wives or girlfriends, but they also tended to report of having healthier relationships, which makes sense considering that people who don't stress about stupid shit like competitive paychecking tend to be easier to hang out with.

Non-Macho Guys Don't Mind When Women Out-Earn Them [LiveScience]

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Laura Ingalls Gone Wilder

I've been noticing a trend lately of men having absolutely no problem with their girlfriends/fiancees/wives earning more- because they're completely living off them. I know a couple of girls who found themselves completely supporting their significant others, which is no more progressive than a man whose uncomfortable earning less than his partner. Furthermore, having been the poorer one in most of my relationships, I can say there's nothing wrong with someone being uncomfortable with his/her partner always picking up the bill. Both partners should feel like equals, which is difficult with a drastically inferior payscale on either side of the equation.