An alert tipster pointed out to us that the June issue of Marie Claire has a picture of a surfer who seems to be missing an arm. Fortunately, her fingers have held on for the ride.


Liza Richardson looks normal from afar, but then when you look closely you realize that she's had a bite taken out of her side. Poor woman. No doubt it was one of those creepy Photoshop sharks that are always attacking people in swimwear. It's kind of odd that she doesn't mention being eaten by a shark during the interview, but maybe she's just really casual about the whole thing. Surfers are pretty low-key, after all.

This particular shark, however, must only have a taste for arm meat, since it skipped her fingers. So now they just kind of hover there, like little orphan digits. The one good thing is that she's still totally capable of giving the hang ten sign.