Sure, we all love Gossip Girl but most of us are (semi-)reasonable adults who can separate the show's risque antics from reality. But what about the children? Carol Platt Liebau, author of Prude, says that the show "glamorizes and normalizes" a sexy lifestyle which can result in emotional and psychological distress in young girls. She also thinks that "depicting high school girls as little more than gossipy sex objects is simply a tired cliche that does all females a disservice." But Carol, they aren't just gossipy sex objects! They are ASB presidents who out their ex-BFF as a recovering drug addict, they steal Valentino couture, they kill people. OMG, the drama! No wonder 14-year-olds love this show. [Reuters]


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I know you're supposed to revel in the soap-y ness of it all, but GG is like The OC with me: a story about people who are uber-rich, who have no real-world problems, and therefore go around creating the most ridiculous kind of drama. Life is so hard for people with money, resources, connections, and fabulous shoes! Feel bad for them!

No. No way.