In a unanimous ruling (et tu, Justice Ginsburg?!?!), the Supreme Court has ruled in McCullen v Coakley that a Massachusetts law establishing a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics is unconstitutional. The Opinion's author, Chief Justice Roberts, also (disturbingly) noted in his opinion that abortion clinic protesters are not "protesters," they are "individuals who approach and talk to women." Something tells me that Chief Justice Roberts has never been to an actual abortion clinic.

At issue, it seems is the fact that the law impeded protesters' free speech, which, I guess, includes the right to sidle right up next to a person and talk to them even if they don't want to be talked to. Roberts also noted this in his ruling, which is laughably ignorant of how abortion clinic protests actually look and sound.

Abortion clinic protesters are not protesters. Women need to be made aware of the "alternatives" to abortion, as though they don't know that the "alternative" to abortion is giving birth. LOL. Whatever reality-erasing smokable Roberts is imbibing in, I'd love a hit.

And I suppose now's as good a time as any to direct anyone who would like to volunteer to be a clinic escort here.