Supporters on both sides of the Proposition 8 debate are out in full force this weekend, attempting to garner public support for their stance on the state constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in California. Approximately 33,000 pro-Prop 8 supporters gathered in Qualcomm Stadium yesterday to "fast and pray" for the measure's passage, with organizer Lou Engle stating that “The very foundations of law are being shattered." A smaller prayer service was held by opponents of the measure, which focused not on exclusion, but on love, acceptance, and equality. Randy Clark, who attended the service with his husband, Tom Maddox, explained his position as such: “True religious teaching supports all loving relationships.” Recent polls have shown that support for Proposition 8 has risen significantly over the past month, with 49% of Californians opposing the measure, 44% supporting it, and 7% undecided, up from 55% opposing and 38% supporting just one month ago. [San Diego Union-Tribune]