Supporters of Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Prove They're Assholes With Incredibly Tacky Victory Party

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Yesterday, North Carolina proved that it was, at least temporarily, the worse of the two Carolinas by passing Amendment 1, a provision that expressly bars marriage or civil unions between same-sex couples. What sort of hateful ass of a person would support such a measure? The type of person who would see nothing wrong with celebrating "victory" with a horribly tacky wedding reception-themed party. A sort of end zone dance where bigots taunt the gays who are now denied partnership benefits, if you will.


According to the News Observer, supporters of Amendment 1 are deeply concerned with preserving the "sanctity" of Kim Kardashian's 72-hour heterosexual marriage, but their abiding lack of concern for taste was evident in their victory party. About 250 asshats attended the festivities at the Hilton North Raleigh, which was planned to resemble a wedding reception complete with a seven-tier wedding cake featuring an embracing bride and groom on top. How dare they use cake for the forces of evil.

North Carolina's Amendment 1 sucks, but the dejected can take heart — the last time North Carolina added a marriage-related amendment to its constitution, it was an amendment that barred marriage between races. And we all know how well that turned out.


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I got into a Facebook kerfuffle on this very issue today with my cousin, who thinks it's "wrong" to "judge" people who view being gay as wrong. My reply was "You're damn right I'll judge a bigot." She made the excuse of small towns, small minds, yadda yadda, but PEOPLE. It has to change somewhere...doesn't it? Will it ever? I'm getting so exasperated. I just can't even.