Merry Christmas, heiresses! Did you know you are expected to "keep up" with the Kardashians and be extra giving this year? Shoppers worth $10 million or more plan to increase their holiday spending by up to 67% this holiday, according to the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper that is in the midst of laying off journalists as the economy slips further into a multi-pronged recession agrees everyone except that guy on America's Most Smartest Model. But here's the prob: the superrich are saying they don't want that much! All Mark Cuban wants is dancing shoes and a flash drive; some other billionaire says all he wants is "books." Boring! Thankfully, Mint Lifestyle, LLC, a shopping consultancy for the overprivileged, has printed an annual gift guide to help people like you...

The most popular item was a commissioned biography, which it says wives are buying for their husbands. The books, which cost around $30,000, tell a person's life and business story. "It's perfect for that someone who is no one but made a billion dollars selling his widget business," says Gordon MacGeachy, co-founder of Mint.


(Normally pathetic, until you could get actual fancy Hollywood screenwriters to do it !)

Also on the list, "a donation to an elephant refuge in Thailand." Um, the elephants wouldn't happen to be tipsy, would they? (And don't forget to throw in the Vuitton blanket!) Anyway, that one is popular bc it's tax-deductible, which can only lead me to wonder: how much of a tax deduction do you think you could get for giving the gift of a shower at the Kardashian bathroom to a homeless junkie? Because that is totally on my list next year.

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