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Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros: The Face That Launched A Thousand Stupid Fashion Wars

Illustration for article titled Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros: The Face That Launched A Thousand Stupid Fashion Wars
  • A Brazilian model I've never heard of left her new agency to go back to her old agency and now it's war. Here she is. Fuck, the Peloponnesian broke out over less, right? Or was that one about democracy and self-determination? Whatever; it's on between Elite and Next. [Page Six]
  • The bitter battle over the rights to Project Runway, which is switching networks from NBC to Lifetime, is also approaching Total War. Can David Boies deliver Harvey Weinstein the victory he couldn't deliver Al Gore? Is it kind of funny that the Times is now referring to reality show "seasons" as "cycles"? [NYT]
  • Anna Wintour has been sending little care packages to tennis star Roger Federer for many months now — in a motherly way? a cougarly way? are you really forcing me to think about that? — but last week when Federer was defeated by Andy Roddick, she abruptly canceled her trip to a tennis match. Oooh, nuclear Wintwar! Page Six]


  • NYLON got stood up at its own party for cover girl Chloe Sevigny and now they post this image of her severed head on their blog. [Nylon]
  • Karl Lagerfeld has had a figurine, a teddy bear, a vinyl doll, and now a character in a bestselling video game made in his own likeness... [Fashionista]
  • But the young plebe Chanel hired to "nanny" Karl's collection of 100 iPods is striking back through the press. [NY Mag]
  • No real war angle here, but Posh Spice clutching a red bag to her face in ecstasy in the latest Jurgen Teller Marc Jacobs ad is probably enough to make someone go batshit on an archduke, right? [Sassybella]

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@KathrynwithaY: So, uh, I watch a lot of Lifetime. What can I say, they have The Nanny in reruns and lots of quality schlocky original movies. I have also watched five minutes here and there of their reality programming.

Note, that with all the crap they have that I do watch, I've never sat down with the TV guide (.com) and said, Note to self, Mama Don't Dance is on at TIME on DAY. Because what little I've seen has made me want to stab my eyes out.

This is from the girl who made America's Hottest Dance Crew appointment television. And may or may not have watched some of Dancing with the Stars last night. if people are dancing, I usually watch. Just not on lifetime.