Supercut: Gloria Allred Pretends to Care

Superfeminist Gloria Allred has never met a video camera she didn't want to sternly lecture about sexual harassment, and this week's "Too Sexy for Work" press conference was no exception — she theatrically walked in with her arm around the waist of her newest client/star Laren Odes like Odes had just gotten her period and Allred was taking her to buy pads. And now — shock of shocks — it seems that a former client of Allred has come forward to accuse the attorney of using her clients to keep herself in the spotlight. But how could someone who pretends to care so hard possibly be disingenuous?!


Here's a supercut of some of Allred's most caring moments, patched together for your enjoyment. We wanted to present it to you with Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On playing over it, but we'd probably get sued for copyright violation. So just imagine that My Heart Will Go On is playing as you watch. It will enhance the experience.



I just can't stand this woman or her horrible daughter.