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Super Mayor Cory Booker Wonders Aloud Whether He’ll Run for Governor or the Senate

Illustration for article titled Super Mayor Cory Booker Wonders Aloud Whether He’ll Run for Governor or the Senate

Cory Booker, the Batman/Mayor of Newark, has intimated that he's considering a gubernatorial run against Chris Christie, a decision he'll have to make in the next two weeks. He's also considering a 2014 Senate run, though that undertaking would be most likely be contingent on whether or not Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg decides to retire.


The Senate race would likely be an easier contest, especially if Booker follows up saving people from burning buildings and going on foodstamps with even more heroic exploits. While pollsters prefer Booker to Lautenberg by an overwhelming margin of three-to-one in the looming Senate race, Christie's popularity has surged in the wake of his handling of Hurricane Sandy, and the sitting governor will most definitely run for reelection. Said Booker,

I am absolutely considering running for governor, as well as giving other options some consideration. I am going to be focused on that for the next week to 10 days or so and really come up with a decision that answers my basic question … where do I believe I can make the best difference for the city I love, for the state I love and the nation I pledge my life to


So, maybe? There's always the distinct possibility that a more intelligent extraterrestrial society will intervene in our rudimentary political system and, for our own good, just appoint Booker King of the Western Hemisphere.

Cory Booker to decide within two weeks whether to challenge Chris Christie [WaPo]

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I wonder how many overjoyed people here have ever been to let alone lived in Newark.