Super Fun Flight Attendants Do Bollywood Dance in Honor of India's Republic Day

January 26th was India's Republic Day and a group of Finnair flight attendants put together this awesome Bollywood dance to celebrate. First of all, amazing. Second of all, it is absolute bullshit that nothing this cool has ever happened to me while flying. BOYCOTT THE SKY!



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I love these sorts of things, but I can't help but think how stressed I'd be if it ever happened on my flight. I'd be frantically trying to get my naturally curious kid to shut up and stop loudly saying "why are they dancing?! what are they doing?! why are they wearing that?! I don't want them so sing!" and trying to quietly explain to her what was happening so as to avoid being one of the awful, lazy mothers who can't control their kids on flights and ruining everyone else's enjoyment of the show; you know, the kind that shouldn't be allowed on planes but should drive the 8,000 miles to their destination? Yeah.