Virginia State Senator Mamie Locke is a practicing Catholic and in favor of preserving a woman's right to choose. Her challenger, Republican Tom Harmon, is opposed to abortion in all cases, even when a woman's health is threatened. Guess which one was met by protesters as they left church on Sunday? Just guess!

With election day a little over a week away, desperate political candidates with mud to sling are slinging it with all their might. In one corner of Virginia, that mud slinging is happening in the form of a group called Save the Babies. This past Sunday, they stationed themselves outside of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Newport News, Virginia and waited for Locke to emerge. When she did, they shouted all sorts of neat things about baby killing at her. When Locke asked them to leave her alone, she was met with silence.


She suspects that her extremely anti-abortion opponent may be behind the stunt, even though he disavowed any knowledge of the group's activity.

The Catholic Church is opposed to abortion in all circumstances, and in some cases, priests have refused to give communion to pro-choice political candidates.


Locke explains her views thus,

I am in no position to tell women what to do with their bodies. Would I have an abortion? No. Would I suggest someone to get an abortion? No. I still, however, remain a pro-choice person.


Even so, one leader of a Virginia pro-life group has suggested that Locke's church expel her for her political stance.

That sounds like exactly something Jesus would do.

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