Sunday Sign-Off: Don't You Dare Forgo Dessert

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Today is International No Diet Day, an "annual celebration of body acceptance and shape diversity." It's also a day of desserts. Since summer is almost upon us, celebrate with a nice, refreshing slice or several of key lime pie. Make sure it's yellow, unless you're some sort of barbarian and eat green key lime pie.

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I need to vent about how stressed I am right now! I just took 2 SAT IIs yesterday and I have an AP on Friday and 2 next Tuesday and 1 next Wednesday!!! And I haven't really studied at all. And I'm retaking the SAT next month. And I went to a stupid college fair yesterday, which stressed me out about stupid college applications. And I have a research paper due Wednesday that I haven't started (who needs sleep on a Tuesday night, right?).

Please please please tell me college will be better.