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Sunday Night Sign-Off: Like Kickin' an Old Bad Habit

Alrighty kiddos. I'm out. Gonna let the fantastical Kelela lull me to sleep tonight.


Have an extra cold one for me tonight. I'll see y'all tomorrow for the FUNZABEL LABOR DAY EXTRAVAGANZAAAA. Spoiler alert: I will only be posting gifs of me wistfully looking out the window as I take in the aroma of barbecue.

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The Gaysian

I had my first kiss in three years since I left my abusive ex-boyfriend. Anything I did with him, I don't count it as real.

Me and this guy were hanging out the whole day. We photographed the campus, explored the cemetery, ate dinner together, drank smoothies by the lake, it was wonderful. I didn't know his orientation at first. and he was walking with me back to my dormitory, and for some reason we started talking about our families.

We got to the stair case, and all of a sudden, I told him about all of my feelings about why I thought he was attractive. I told him, "I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable, if you're straight, or you think I'm tainted because of my past." He put his finger to my mouth, and said "shut up and kiss me you fool, I couldn't care less."

So folks, that's the story of my real first kiss, less than 15 minutes ago, in my dormitory staircase. Not very romantic as you can see.