Sunday Funday

Another weekend's behind us, and another open thread's in front of us. Sit back, enjoy each other's company, and refrain from punching if you please.


You won't see me next Sunday or the Sunday after that because I'll be whooping it up at one of my college girl friends' weddings and then running in an 8K, but you'll see me thereafter. Enjoy yourselves and relax to some Cut Copy as the hours between you and Monday tick away.

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Weird date-ish story. I'm 40. Been IM flirting massively with 27 year old. All hot and bothered. We finally meet. He kisses me and is the WORST. KISSER. EVER. (just jams tongue in, withdraws, jams in for same amount of time, repeat.) Then grabs my boob like it's a Staples "Easy" button. Then he says "best kisser ever, right?" Um, no. Not by FAR. Even in my limited experience. I am still thinking about sleeping with him just to break the (10 month) streak. But it'll be horrible, right? right?