Sunbathing Without Boys

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Sort of funny or sort of offensive? Apparently seaside-loving Italian women have such delicate, fragile sensibilities that they need their own stretches of sand on which to sunbathe. British papers are reporting that an Italian father and daughter team have branded a stretch of sand on Italy's Adriatic coast a female-only "Pink Beach" (ugh). Beach manager Francesa Ravaglia says the hope is that women "will not feel required to dress in this year's bikini, wear make-up or always cover up that bit of cellulite with a slip." But Ms. Ravaglia's push for, uh, female empowerment only goes so far! Despite offerings such as "lessons in deportment, manicures, pedicures" and fitness instructors and DJs who are all women, the beach's lone lifeguard will be male.

Ms Ravaglia's father, Fausto, owner of the beach, said that one man would be allowed in. "The lifeguard must be a man. Clearly, to save a woman you need a man. It's a question of muscles."

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When I took a lifeguarding class back in high school we were taught that a good lifeguard can save anyone, regardless of relative sizes. I, 115 pounds at the time, "rescued" a 250 pound male classmate quite easily. You use your buoyancy in the water to your advantage.

Ditto the comment about women dressing for other women, not men.