It's getting close to the season when the young, ambitious and unemployed (or partially-employed) begin to sniff around for internships. Well, we've got some. We're looking for two intelligent, curious, opinionated and, most importantly, energetic junior Jezebels for internships running from June through August. A passion for and keen understanding of pop culture (everything from The Hills to the History Channel), women's issues, current events, the web, and the print media (particularly the ladymags we love to hate) are, obviously, major pluses. (You do not need to live in NYC or be in school.)

Here's what we'll need from you: A brief email explaining why you want to work for the site, plus a list of your work and educational experiences and accomplishments. (No attachments.) In addition, please give us a sense of how many hours per week you will be able to work. Note: We are not necessarily interested in interns who share the exact same tastes and opinions that we do; a little added variety and broadening of horizons never hurt anyone. Send your applications to with the phrase "Summer Internship" in the subject header. *Those of the male persuasion are, of course, encouraged to apply as well.