Suki Waterhouse Washes Hair With Coca-Cola, Has No Endorsement Deal

British supermodel Suki Waterhouse - who recently ended a two-year relationship with actor Bradley Cooper - dropped this bomb on Us Weekly: "I rinse my hair with Coca-Cola sometimes."

From Us Weekly:

Yep, you read that correctly: Waterhouse relies on the sweet soda to give her hair a boost. "I don't like my hair when it's washed — it's fine and limp — but Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I've gone through the Amazon or something," the stunning Brit, 23, explained.


Why why why didn't they ask Waterhouse how she discovered that Coca-Cola gives her this desired Amazonian look? How or who led her to the "Oh I'm gonna pour this can of coke on my hair and see what the fuck happens" moment?

Send help.

Image via AP

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