Tim Gunn—as we all know—is a very elegant man, but is he living his most elegant life? The answer, according to the New York Times, is yes, he most certainly is.

Gunn was recently featured in "Sunday Routine," the Times column that spotlights various remarkable people and the way they spend their weekend leisure hours. Unsurprisingly, Gunn spends most of his Sundays in a suit, looking at art.

In the morning:

I will then change into a suit, because I'm going to the Met. It's a sacred place for me, with all this incredible history and gorgeous work. I want to present myself properly. I just feel it's an honor and a tribute to the work.


He then walks to the museum through Central Park and, upon arriving, spends hours upon hours looking at art and maybe drinking a glass of wine or two.

I go to the Greek and Roman Galleries first. I'll choose different objects to fixate upon. A trip to the Met can be very emotional. There are paintings there that just lift me off the ground. I feel buoyant. One is Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein. I feel as though I'm taking the pulse of a moment in the 20th century that was seminal in every possible cultural way...Then I go to the Balcony Lounge on the second floor and I have a glass or two of wine, and tea sandwiches. It's really civilized.


And once he's home:

I come home, I go upstairs, I change into my pajamas and robe, and I come down and fix dinner. I sometimes think, "If there were a fire, would I change before running outside?" The answer is yes. I'll have a cocktail while I'm making dinner, a Manhattan. I've been drinking Manhattans since Sept. 11, 2001. I thought, "Celebrate the city. Have a Manhattan. Never forget.


Now there's a 9/11 tribute that I can truly get behind. Bless you, Tim Gunn, for living the life of our dreams.

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