Today, Good Morning America introduced us to Melanie, an 18-year-old part-time model whose married, millionaire "sugar daddy" is 40. But Melanie says their relationship is about much more than sex.

In the clip at left, Melanie explains that when one goes on a website that matches young women with older wealthy men, the first thing the guys ask is "what are your goals and your dreams" because "they're not just going to give you all this money to go shopping ... they want you to actually do something and achieve something and do something good." She then proceeds to show off her new Manolos.

According to GMA, the sugar daddy "phenomenon" has exploded recently, as evidenced by the existence of these websites, the Real Housewives shows, and Anna Nicole Smith marrying that billionaire... in 1994. But these aren't your mother's sugar daddies. The man who runs says while we usually think of "a guy with a gold chain and a furry chest, a sugar daddy today could be the guy in the Starbucks waiting line."

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