The latest season of bridal shows began on Friday, and already we are mildly concerned with what we see. While really big name Badgley Mischka is, um, one of the really biggest names in this market, I found the whole collection to be 1) ugly 2) dated and 3) kitschy. Seriously, the Disney bridal dresses looked better than this shit. Monique Lhuillier, who is what Vera Wang was 10 years ago (aka the choice of "cool" brides who don't have to worry about money), offered a much better showing, her looks markedly sophisticated and tasteful and "modern' on the whole. Maybe it was just the choice of models, but something about it, though, left me with a funny taste of "child bride" in my mouth. The collections for your review, after the jump.

Badgley Mischka

L to R: Um did they hem this dress a little short?; Look! The gown hurts her heart so badly she has to grab her sides!; Wedding dress? Or New Age straight-jacket?


L to R: How original; Bling, anyone?; Where's Rami Kashou when you need him?


L to R: If George Clooney marries that cocktail waitress, I bet she'll wear this; No more mermaid silhouettes, please; Just say no to tiers.

L to R: Just painful; No more shiny, please; For the pregnant bride, clearly.


L to R: That has to be the tackiest neckline ever; Stop! The originality is killing me! Sparkly and a mermaid silhouette!

Monique Lhuillier


L to R: Perfet for Romeo's Juliette — who was supposed to be what? 13 years old?; Ruffle booty!; Someone free her boobies, please.

L to R: And Prada thinks they own the whole lace thing this season; Lo. Li. Ta: Light of my life, fire of my loins; Has this girl even hit puberty?


L to R: Why is there something a little good touch/bad touch about this?; Tyra calls this the "couture pose"; The bride is the age of a flower girl.

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