Submission Sex Fantasy Books Invade the Burbs

The Today show reports that the trilogy of books, Fifty Shades Of Grey, is a "dirty little secret" in the suburbs. We are supposed to be "shocked" that perfectly upstanding married ladies are reading steamy, "triple x" fiction. Everyone knows that's for sluts!

Break out the smelling salts, because respectable ladies love that the characters — student Anastasia Steele and billionaire Christian Grey (steel grey, shades of grey, get it?) — indulge in BDSM sex play, and since Grey restrains Steele with his silver tie, one 42-year-old mom says all her friends were "buying their husbands silver ties for Christmas." Married people! Possibly having kinky sex! Heavens!

Triple-X trilogy of novels has women talking (quietly) [Today]
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I admit to being somewhat embarrassed by my appreciation for female-submissive sex stuff. It seems anti-feminist to want to be dominated. I am a feminist, and I contain multitudes, and intellectually I know I can separate fantasy and my real life (which is not at all male-dominated), but still. I've actually never told a single person IRL about what I would really like done to me, and I've only hinted it to Mr L because he's just not that type and I don't want to make him feel he has to perform a role with which he's uncomfortable.