Here's some news to cry yourself to sleep with tonight.

According to CBS New York, authorities in Brooklyn are now looking for a person set four pit bull puppies and a dog on fire in Brooklyn over the weekend. They were found at 91st Street near Ditmas Avenue in Brooklyn's Canarsie area near a beverage distribution warehouse.

A nearby surveillance camera captured video of a van arriving at the warehouse after midnight Saturday. Several men got out carrying a large garbage bag, setting it on fire near a trash bin and then drove off. They don't know if the dogs were alive or dead when the bag was set on fire.


The ASPCA asks anyone with information to call 1-877-843-2772.

Poor pit bulls, they always get screwed. When people tell me they're afraid of pit bulls, I always say, "Really? Because they should be afraid of us, we're the monsters." It's dramatic, but it's true. We abuse their human pleasing spirit again and again, and many live hellish lives. If they end up at the shelter, they're almost always euthanized. It sucks, and it's unfair. I've fostered over 100 bullies, and I've never not once had a human agressive dog; they're the biggest love bugs on earth. This is heartbreaking.

Before bed tonight, you should watch that adorable video, hug your dog or cat (if they'll allow it) or baby or pillow, and then either take a sedative or bang your head against a wall until it's tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

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